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Sunday, May 1, 2011

What to DO now ... ( think in a future prospect)

...D biggest question of everyone life...asked by D Inner soul to you whenever you are just In D verge of reaching to a great peace of mind . And if you don't have a satisfactory answer for yourself Den forgets d GREAT PEACE of mind because you can confuse anybody in this world except yourself.

D science is discovering in every second of life a new meaning to explore D world. Why can't it generate or create something which can answer this question and give us D peace we want in our life. Take an example of me. D biggest peace I have only when I was a Kid with no school .After that since Den I m just taking parts In D race till now. When I was in school I was taking part in d RACE Of achieving 1st rank in my class, to get ahead in d herd always. After school I was pushed back Into D race to conquer 1 seat for myself In some Institutions ,D Institutions from which after you get passed out ,you will feel proud ( as I do certainly) . And if you look back in your past you will say thanks to them who pushed you to race, to conquer (and so I DO). However my mind really never ever wanted to gain book knowledge. It was always looking for pragmatic way of teaching which I get little bit amid my undergraduate study.

However thanks to My BACK-Pusher, I am now doing job with a MNC which is only behaving MNC type by its name. I am neither fed up of this job nor of my working environment’s thing d COMPANY policy. It Is making my mind ( and thus pushing me In another race, thanks for that) to leave D job because I think ( oh great I think also )..There will be no use of my talent in this job.

So here I am back again in another race. Either to Change my job or to get In Higher studies (just wish me luck)

P.s. -: D author is a NITIAN :)

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